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OpenContrail Advisory Board

By May 13, 2014Uncategorized

Based on the overwhelming momentum of the OpenContrail project and community since its launch in September 2013, we are pleased to be taking the next step to evolve the governance model by formally announcing the formation of the OpenContrail Advisory Board (OCAB).  As OpenContrail has rapidly become the default OpenStack networking platform for a growing number of organizations and individuals, we wanted to ensure that the broader community helped in the long-term success of the project.

Comprised of the top contributors and stakeholders of the project representing both users and developers, the OCAB will provide input to the project leadership team on strategic priorities, community evolution, development roadmap, project governance and operational efficiency. The founding Board members have been selected based on their domain knowledge and their active contributions to the success of OpenContrail to date.  No sponsorship or fee is required to join the board, and members have committed to a one-year term, renewable on an annual basis.

OpenContrail Momentum

Since launching under the Apache v2 license, all of our source code (over 750k LoC) is available via our public github repo, all bug tracking is done on Launchpad and we have moved the entire code review process to Gerritt (

In just seven months, we have grown the community to over 250 developers and over 1300 downloads.  The Contrail team has directly enabled over 65 global meetups, webinars and training events, many of them with direct hands-on experience. We have driven thousands of unique website views each month with over 50% of the visits coming from new visitors.

Global diversity has been particularly impressive, with approximately 38% from the US, 24% APAC and 20% EMEA and 18% RoW.  The OpenContrail channel on YouTube continues to receive thousands of views as users and developers familiarize themselves with the value proposition and key use cases.

Board Principles

Besides facilitating a forum for peer and partner interaction with some of the most experienced cloud/NFV experts in the industry, the board will be asked to contribute in the following ways to enhance the open community efforts to date:

– Provide guidance and oversight in the evolution of OpenContrail

– Meet monthly to discuss governance, strategic direction and community

– Actively influence roadmap definition, release priorities and project direction

– Ensure project transparency and pro-active sharing with the broader community

– Represent the broader user/dev community and encourage open dialog

While we will continue to evolve the project principles, we believe that the key principles will uphold the culture of the OpenContrail effort to date:

–  Continue to innovate and leverage proven agile development methodologies

–  Maintain clean, well-behaved interfaces between all software components (internal and across ecosystem)

–  Encourage open, direct feedback and respect the inputs of others

–  Focus on solving real problems at scale and in an open, extensible way

–  Encourage experimentation and iterative development


We are pleased to have the following distinguished representatives on our inaugural OpenContrail Advisory Board.

Randy Bias Cloudscaling
Foucault Debonneval Cloudwatt
Ichiro Fukuda NTT i3
Steve Hallett Symantec
Sri Thuraisamy Cloud Dynamics
Joshua McKenty Piston Cloud
Martin Millnert IPnett
Maria Napierala ATT
Carmine Rimini Workday
Jason Venner Mirantis
John Zannos Canonical


Thanks again to everyone who has helped OpenContrail to achieve phenomenal success to date, and to accelerate the delivery of open, standards-based cloud network solutions.  We realize the choices you make every day are critical and appreciate your support in delivering on our joint vision to scale open cloud solutions that become the foundation for future growth and innovation.

The OpenContrail Team