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How the OpenContrail Community is Accelerating our SDN Future

By August 19, 2016Containers, OpenStack, SDN, Use Case

Recently, OpenContrail Advisory Board (OCAB) members Edgar Magana, Cloud Operations Architect at Workday, Jakub Pavlik, CTO of tcpCloud, and Lachlan Evenson got together to discuss the state of the OpenContrail project as well as the fast-moving cloud industry. OCAB members guide the product now and into the future, and use it in their respective networks. In this 5-episode video series called Past, Present & Future: Bridging the Boundaries of Digital World & Beyond, Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan share how important the OpenContrail community is, why they choose OpenContrail, how they solve ever-evolving networking problems, and what the future looks like in the SDN space.

When “SDN” became as hot as Pokemon Go five years ago, everyone knew it had great promise, but no one knew what to do with it. With the urge to create an open architecture that worked for all of their customers, Edgar, Jakub and Lachlan met in 2012 with the same desire to shift towards a software-centric network, but relied on each other and the community to test, implement, and troubleshoot their respective issues. With so many different technologies to test, and so many nuances in each unique implementation, OCAB members leveraged the community learn from each other and replicate success.

Find out in this first episode, how the community has flourished over the last few years, and what considerations OCAB members and their respective organizations took before adopting OpenContrail.

This video series will be published one episode at a time every Thursday. Subscribe to Juniper’s YouTube channel using the below button to get notified about the new episodes every week. Stay tuned for Episode 2!

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