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How OpenContrail Implements Secure Virtual Overlay Networks

By August 25, 2016Multi Tenancy, SDN, Security

The goal that Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan share, is to create for public cloud users, the same experience that private cloud users have: peace of mind that their information is secure. But first, they tackle the issue of helping their customers migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud with continuous communication. They need technology that gives them granular visibility and control over security policies over every workload, whether those workloads are on bare-metal server, or in a virtualized environment. They need to have visibility into and control over everything down to the network level.

These providers want to provide a consistently secure experience for their users across cloud providers that’s fully automated (no manual configuration of static VPNs). They turned to OpenContrail to implement secure virtual overlay networks to logically separate departments, and integrate virtualized workloads in both public and private clouds. Using standards-based protocols, OpenContrail allows enterprises to use their existing physical infrastructure (supporting BGP) for their on-prem infrastructure.

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