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Don’t Miss 22 Standing Ovations at OpenStack Summit Tokyo

By July 24, 2015Uncategorized

**UPDATE** July 31st 2015: Thanks for your support in voting for the below sessions. The voting window is now closed. We will do a followup post about the selected speaker sessions at OpenStack Summit once the results are out.


Every time the OpenStack call for speakers closes there is some coincidental big news in my inbox!original

This time: July 16thGoogle Joins OpenStack (last time it was the State Of The Cloud report showing hybrid cloud as IT nirvana for 82% of Enterprises)

Go figure! July 15th the day prior – some partners in crime and I had just submitted a session proposal on SDN and Infrastructure Interoperability in OpenStack and Kubernetes environments.

Cutting to the chase, it is OpenStack Summit VOTING SEASON. The OpenStack Summit is coming to Tokyo this October! Where better than Tokyo to talk about OpenStack, and surely a lot about how Google and the Kubernetes project is positioning itself shoulder-to-shoulder with OpenStack at the center of the epicenter of Hybrid Cloud platforms…after all there are a lot of Hybrids in Tokyo! 😉 (more than half of new cars sold in Japan are hybrids)

Why else blog during voting season, than to request that you vote up my session so I can Dock on into the Port of Tokyo in style aboard a shipping container. Okay I’m kidding, but just throwing the idea out to the Docker and Kubernetes marketing teams for a cool booth 🙂

This week I have a favor to ask… once again…WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Juniper, our customers, our partners, and the OpenContrail community need your vote for our OpenStack conference session proposals in order to get them accepted.


Sign in or sign up for an OpenStack account to quickly register yourself before voting, so your browser is signed in. Leave the browser open between clicking these links below. When you click each link below, please chose option #3 “Would love to see!”


We’re blessed with tons of submissions… our partners and customers love us and we rocked the Vancouver summit!

Besides our usual summit presence with a booth and OpenContrail user group (meeting tba), here are great sessions in which we’re participating with partners and customers. A couple we have directly submitted related to OpenStack, Contrail Cloud PlatformContrail Networking – your open SDN for cloud data centers based on OpenContrail, Containers, Kubernetes, and much more.


1. SDN for OpenStack and Kubernetes Clouds: Comparing Nested, Connected Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud App Environments
Presented by Juniper and Redapt
(Thanks to my friend Sree for this OpenContrail community teaser video)

2. Containers are hot, but how do they network?
Presented by Juniper, Midokura, Cisco

3. Software-Defined WAN implementation to optimize Enterprise Branch Networking
Presented by Juniper and Orange Labs

4. Gohan: An Open-source Service Development Engine for SDN/NFV Orchestration
Presented by NTTi3 and Juniper

5. Open source approaches to secure multi-tenancy and service chaining in OpenStack+VMware clusters
Presented by GE and Juniper

6. From 0 to an OpenContrail’ed Openstack in minutes with TripleO
Presented by Red Hat and Juniper

7. Apply, Rinse, Repeat. (re)Build OpenStack Ready Infrastructure like a pro [Crowbar + Contrail]
Presented by Juniper and OpenStack Board and DefCore Committee

8. Extending OpenStack Heat to orchestrate security policies and network function service chains
Presented by Juniper and IBM

9. Public Cloud (Infrastructure as a Service and Bare Metal as a Service) deployment using OpenStack by Tier-1 Telco
Presented by Juniper

10. Private Cloud Deployment connecting Multiple Heterogeneous Environments by a Large Industrial Internet Enterprise
Presented by Juniper

11. Deploying OpenStack to transform IT at a Global Software Enterprise
Presented by Juniper

12. Leverage physical hardware for carrier grade OpenStack networking
Presented by Juniper

13. Network-aware placement of OpenStack Workloads
Presented by Juniper

14. Enhancing OpenStack FWaaS to address real world business needs
Presented by Juniper

15. Providing differentiated security services with Juniper vSRX and Openstack in a virtual CPE solution.
Presented by Juniper

16. SDN solutions with OpenStack: Juniper Contrail and Mirantis OpenStack integration
Presented by Mirantis, supported by Juniper


17. SaaS Experience: Building OpenStack on OpenStack CI with SDN and Containers
User Story Presented by Workday

18. Challenges in Planning, Building, and Operating Large Scale Infrastructure
User Story Presented by AppFormix, Workday, Lithium, Paypal, and Visa

19. Networking Reunited – SDN and Legacy Interconnected
Networking User Story Presented by tcp cloud

20. AVG Technologies Orchestrate deployments with OpenStack
User Story Presented by AVG and tcp cloud

21. IIJ Open OpenStack Architecture
User Story Presented by IIJ

22. An Operator’s Journey to 99.99% SDN Availability
User Story Presented by Symantec


Please GO AHEAD – don’t wait – this blog will self-destruct in 6 days – voting ends July 30 at midnight PT. Encourage your friends to vote because you wouldn’t believe how a 2 minutes of voting gets us sessions and goes a long way to boosting our share of voice in the OpenStack community which is HUGE WIN for us as THE customer choice in open SDN for cloud.

Thank you in advance!

PS. Please also help by sharing this with your social network