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OpenContrail weekly meeting

By January 15, 2014Uncategorized

The first OpenContrail development IRC meeting was held today on the #opencontrail IRC channel. This is a recurring meeting that will be held every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC (9 a.m. PST). Most of the conversation in this first meeting was centered around how to produce developer documentation and put tools in place that can be issue to track bugs and development effort.

The OpenContrail page in launchpad will be used for bug tracking and blueprints. Similarly to other open source projects, blueprints will be used to discuss proposed features in order to allow the community to have input into the architecture and design of the system.

The team working on the FreeBSD port of the OpenContrail vrouter will submit a blueprint with an overview of the project. This project is a complement to the FreeBSD compute-node project ( already underway in the OpenStack community.

Deepinder gave an update on the OpenContrail devstack support. This has been updated to use a github repo with a fork of the neutron code base rather than using patch files.

Also discussed where the debug and diagnostic interfaces used by the OpenContrail project. Each of the OpenContrail daemons embeds a HTTP server that can be used for diagnostics. The list of the diagnostic ports is available in this wiki page

The full meeting minutes has been posted to

Hope to chat with you next week at the same time.