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OpenContrail Driving Machine Learning, Interplanetary Networking, & IoT

By September 16, 2016Cloud, SDN

Future of OpenContrail: The Community that Codes Together, Grows Together

Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan have a fun crystal ball discussion about the possibilities of networking: outrageous projects that just might be possible, and what they think we’ve got coming in the future. 

To this day, one thing everyone struggles with when faced with network problems is, “where is the problem”. In the future, we’ll really have a full dashboard where a red light blinks and shows the problematic site, down to the VM, container, or wherever it is. Then, instead of having a team of engineers trying to break down the problem and bake a solution, Edgar, Jakub and Lachlan are looking forward to having machine learning on operational platforms. With it, they envision that the network finally be able to identify patterns within the millions of data logs, and start predicting when there might be issues. It’s a big endeavor, but a step towards the mantra, “automate the automator”, and self-healing networks.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, our advisors talked to someone from a satellite company, and discussed the policy of interplanetary network. If you really think about it, there will be a communication problem. In response, Lachlan says, “What’s to say you don’t put your sensors on Mars, and when they’re terraforming it, you figure out how much oxygen is there through your sensors?“. You may laugh, but in two years, what’s to say we aren’t making these things reality?

With open source, you have the collective knowledge of the world. In the networking world, our OpenContrail advisory board members are here to help solve problems to enable scientists, the medical field – you name it, we’ll solve it. Everything we’ve discussed in this 5-episode video series is just the beginning. Here are some closing thoughts from our OpenContrail Advisory Board Members Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan:

On OpenContrail – “Fully reliable and production ready SDN solution that provides the best of two worlds, an open-source culture and a mature productized technology” – Edgar Magana, Cloud Operations Architect at Workday

On open source: “An open source community is your force multiplier, creating collaborative spaces enables the delivery of better software, faster.” – Lachlan Evenson, Video Series Moderator

On OpenContrail enabling end-to-end IoT – “This is exactly what we wanted to do: be able to build end-to-end solution where you can put the part [e.g. sensor] into lamps on a city-street and the second part is in the cloud. We connect these open source solutions, and then we provide this separation, multi-tenancy, automatic connection of these networks no manual configuration of static VPNs but automated solution. And this is exactly what OpenContrail does.” – Jakub Pavlik, CTO at tcpCloud

There you have it: final words of wisdom from Edgar, Lachlan, and Jakub. You can hear the resounding message from each of them: the community that codes together, grows together – towards new, unimaginable innovations.

In case you missed it, here’s Episode 1, on the importance of the open source community for OpenContrail, Episode 2, on how OpenContrail implements secure and automated virtual overlay networks, Episode 3, on how OpenContrail connects disparate elements in public and private clouds to implement hybrid cloud, and Episode 4,on how OpenContrail is the glue for a microservices architecture.


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