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OpenContrail Connecting the Hybrid Cloud

By September 1, 2016Cloud, Containers, OpenStack

Embracing Virtual Machines, Containers, and Bare-Metal Servers to Implement Hybrid Cloud

The cloud is made up of multiple disparate elements such as bare metal servers, VMs, and containers. So, how should our customers manage all these different technologies?

As companies move towards the cloud, the migration won’t be completely seamless, or happen overnight. For the foreseeable future, the cloud is made up of both physical and virtual elements, like bare-metal servers, virtual machines, containers residing in both public and private clouds. With so many elements, Edgar and Jakub need something that enables applications to communicate, no matter what computing environment they’re in. Jakub stresses that the most critical point when trying to connect these disparate elements, is usually networking.

Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan turned to OpenContrail to connect the cloud’s different elements through a single pane of glass for provisioning across different compute vehicles. Then, they wanted to keep pushing the flexibility of OpenContrail. At OpenStack Summit Vancouver in May 2015, our OCAB members wanted to see if they could integrate OpenContrail with Kubernetes, a Container management tool. Weeks later, a demo was ready. This is what happens when you have a technology that’s flexible enough to adopt other technologies. Learn more about how this community drives innovation at lightning speed by watching the video.

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In case you missed it, here’s Episode 1, on the importance of the open source community for OpenContrail, and Episode 2, on how OpenContrail implements secure and automated virtual overlay networks.

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