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Juniper OpenStack News Round-up

By March 25, 2015Uncategorized

In this last month since I asked for your voting support, we’ve been overflowing with great news around OpenStack…openstack.png

First and foremost thanks to our OpenStack Summit session proposal voters! Cutting to the chase…many session proposals were accepted… Remarkable success!

OpenStack Vancouver 2015 Sessions

  1. Building a Secure Multi-tenant Cloud for SaaS Applications: Challenges and Lessons Learned – We’ll be presenting with our customer friends and OpenContrail advocates from Symantec, WorkDay and Lithium.
  2. Delivering an End-to-end Automated and Carrier-class NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Use Case – We’ll be presenting with our customer friends and OpenContrail advocates from NTT-i3.
  3. Deploying a Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Dynamic Service Automation – We’ll be presenting with our technology alliance partner friends and OpenContrail advocates from Ubuntu, Supported by Canonical.
  4. Service Chaining Using Neutron Networks Implemented as Standard Compliant Layer-3 VPNs – Our OpenContrail advocates and customer friends at AT&T will be presenting.
  5. OpenStack Ousts vCenter for DevOps and Unites IT Silos at AVG Technologies – Our OpenContrail advocates and customer friends at tcp cloud will be presenting with their customer AVG.
  6. NFV – VNFs and Juniper’s Contrail with Ubuntu OpenStack – We are pleased to join our alliance partner Canonical, Wednesday May 20, 2:40 – 3:20pm
  7. External session: OpenContrail Users Group – We are please to continue our strong support of OpenContrail by sponsoring this OCUG event that will be held just down the street on Wednesday morning.

These are all MUST-SEE sessions, so hit the links and add them to your summit calendar straightaway.

More news on the summit

We are gearing up to support our booth with a few demos, and we’ll have a conference room available for private meetings. Should you want to chat, a private test drive of OpenContrail, or the full Juniper Contrail Cloud experience, let us know, and we’ll pencil you in for a meeting. Otherwise, be sure to stop by the booth. We’ll have some cool surprises and invites to be had, but more on that closer to the actual event.

In the news

Quite literally in the press we’ve had some great updates.

  • Canonical-Juniper partnership: We announced a strengthened partnership with Ubuntu- Supported by Canonical right around MWC2015. What’s been in the works as Contrail Cloud for some time (Juniper’s OpenStack + OpenContrail + Ceph + Server Management) is now backed by Ubuntu OpenStack and Ubuntu OS engineering and support proxied through Juniper. Furthermore, Canonical’s offering of Ubuntu OpenStack is thoroughly proven out with OpenContrail and Juniper Contrail Networking. More…
  • Mirantis-Juniper partnership: With a complementary webinar co-hosted by Mirantis and Juniper, last week Mirantis announced the completion of a documented and proven MOS + OpenContrail reference architecture. Catering to DIYs, Mirantis Fuel automated deployments, or Mirantis professional services deployments, Mirantis is embracing open networking with the leading open SDN solution based on their customers’ demand. More…
  • Orange Business Services (OBS) was in the SDN-MPLS World Congress news coverage by Light Reading, on record publicly saying that they’re going with Juniper Contrail Networking as their cloud networking and NFV solution of choice. More…

Bullish momentum on Hybrid Cloud bodes well for OpenStack

As I hinted in my last blog, RightScale’s State of the Cloud 2015 Report uncovered that moving to cloud is now a given for pretty well all IT organizations. The extraordinary take away for me was that 82% of surveyed organizations say that their sights are set on hybrid cloud.

If you don’t understand WHY this is happening, have a look at my blog entry on hybrid cloud: what why and howwith plenty of cross-referenced articles.

This fundamentally bodes well for OpenStack, but we don’t yet see it at 82% adoption…why not? There is the obvious fud out there about OpenStack immaturity, but that is easily disproved by example. More importantly, I think there’s still a lot of cloud-washing, but even with respect to hybrid cloud. Is this hybrid cloud end state as simple as using multiple private and public connected clouds? No, but I assure you there is a lot of that going on, and those folks saying they’re hybridized. Getting to that point is great, but it is not the end game.

To realize use cases like split-tier apps, split-tier storage (shout out to Google for their nearline storage solution), multi-DC DA/DR for multiple apps and storage, best venue cloud moves and cloud bursting, we need to get closer homogeneity (explanation) at the IaaS layer, and probably an iPaaS for higher-in-the-stack PaaS and SaaS integrations. At the IaaS it’s a given that it’s going to be OpenStack, otherwise you’ll be in a small corner you’ll have painted yourself into.

If more folks needed to execute on these sophisticated use cases in short order, I predict the OpenStack adoption would spike. Alas, there are some IT orgs still fighting fires and keeping the lights on. As the wider IT “tide” rises to greater levels of automation, all the OpenStack “boats” will rise because of their amenability to the hybrid use cases (simple and sophisticated) on the broadest set of public clouds, providing the best outcomes in economics and choice. But this tide is rising slowly, and thus so is OpenStack. Things bode well for those notice it, less so for those that don’t.

Always happy to get comments below and reshares on social. Thanks in advance!