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How OpenContrail is the Glue for Microservices Architecture

True Segmentation & Faster TTM with Microservices

So, what are microservices, and why is everyone talking about them? Microservices are applications broken down into smaller, bite-size component. A microservices infrastructure means application deployment no longer takes months; it can take as little as 45 minutes. For our OCAB members, the value of a microservices architecture is one word: quick. Changes can be made quickly and pushed live in the same day. In fact, Lachlan said, “I saw one app that was deployed 100 times in a week” – unheard of before microservices. Developers don’t have to worry about runtime dependencies; they can focus on quality of code. And, containerizing microservices ensure that software can run reliably and at scale in different computing environments.

But Edgar, Jakub, and Lachlan experienced very poor networking for containers. They needed the network to support communication between containers. According to Jakub, “when OpenContrail came into the game, we saw that [containers] were starting to be usable”. Then, he and others could actually scale web application front-ends into containers, store data in virtual machines on OpenStack, and federate the OpenContrail solution together.

Find out more on how Edgar, Jakub, and Lachie were able to achieve with lightweight, easy-to-update microservices. Don’t forget, this is just the beginning of application transformation.

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